Welcome to OPS Photography and Town Center Studio internship program. We offer support in your field of study of photography. Our philosophy is to do the right thing, in the right way, for all the right reasons, all the time while working onset. We stress the importance to have fun with a safety-first attitude. the intern takes lead with the guidance from our professional photographers. 

 Student interns have a monthly fee of $60/person for the following, 

  • portal access with storage

  • Editor access (peer to peer)

  • Personal Digital Portfolio

  • Access to contract shoots

Requirements are as follows,

  • Interns/Amateur photographers must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Own a digital type camera system (tripod, camera, camera bag, and cleaning gear)

  • Laptop

  • 6 hours/week (Monday - Sunday) must be obtained to stay eligible for the IGP program. We reset the hours to 0 (zero) every Sunday at 8 pm.

  • The internship consists of 80% remote work with 20% studio/office work.

  • Attend (in person) for Monday team meeting to include, offsite via SLACK .

  • Interns will upload their work via their assigned portal by no later than 10 PM, EST.

  • Interns that do not complete their assignments prior to the deadline will be automatically removed from the Internship Guidance Program.