Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA

"bringing community back together"


We take pride in our ethos of community interaction, socialization, and current/future investments, and to surrounding communities. In current times, to include, the past decade has put community interactions in the decline of brick and mortar stores, outside activities, movie theaters, and many more social engagements. These have migrated to online services thus, minimizing social interaction among individuals and their communities.

Giving Back to Communities    

Currently, we offer a free photography program called Sapphire that supports local stories from individuals and/or groups. The cover photo is one of the Equestrian series which, we shot for a jockey in need of financial assistance during these challenging times of crisis.  Learn more about Sapphire via our website, link provided below.

About Town Center Studio - Bringing back community socialization

OPS Photography is proud to announce our new community brick and mortar "Town Center Studio" future location in Delaware County Pennsylvania, USA. TCS will soon be an uplifting and inspiring hot spot where community members and guest can visit, relax while sipping coffee and view photos/videos of local events thus, sparks conversation and engages a path to build relationships more important, emotions of pride, joy, and accomplishments as a community. Also, Town Center Studio, TCS displays, reflects and recognizes the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices of athletes, businesses, and individuals within the community.

Town Center Studio Apparel - The Inner Circle Collection

The Inner Circle Collection was designed by us and reflects positive phrases and wisdom to keep the motivation of the community strong and alive. Photos on TIC apparel are individuals from local and Large communities, as they faced and experienced life challenges which, they overcame through family and community support more so personal fortitude.

Your Support Is Critical

We appreciate your support to help continue the completion of the Town Center Studio. Any amount is grateful as it will help the forward momentum of progression; impacting social dynamics to include, a warm and fun hot spot where families and communities come together to reflect and grow as a whole.

Silver Donors of $2,500.00 or more will be listed on our Giving Back To Community Wall with name and photo to include, 15% discounts on all TCS photography services. Gold Donors of $5000.00 or more will include the silver in addition to, lifetime membership, 1 free annual apparel item, and early access to our upcoming photo galleries and invited to all TCS hosted events. Also, 25% discounts on all TCS photography services.

Town Center Studio offers but not limited to the following,

  • Office for local photographers/videographers, hobbyists, or students.

  • Free Workshops for community members and nominal fees for surrounding communities or guests.

  • Fundraising for local community members and inspiring artists.

  • Access to TCS online virtual gallery.

  • Mini snack bar 

  • 24 Hour community lounge (key card access)

  • Senior citizens photography

  • FREE walk-in military family portraits

  • Studio rental (exclude community lounge)

  • Banquet and Awards monthly event (local artists)

Community Lounge Features

  • Workstations for photographers, students, and community members to edit photos and more.

  • Purchase TCS photos and/or merchandise items that support the community and TCS activities.

  • A great hot spot for a quick lunch break and a snack.

  • Gourmet coffee and cold beverages

  • 4 Large screen monitors display community photos and local artist galleries.

  • Sectional seating and coffee tables

  • bar stool seating

  • VPN Free WIFI

  • and much more