Welcome to OPS Photography.com modeling TEAM. Before, we can onboard you and get you paid. Please, read all the information below carefully and any question please feel free to reach out to one of our team members to assist you further.

[Note: If, under the age of 18 you will not have any active contracts till a photo release form https://www.opsphotography.com/forms is completed and signed by you and a parent and/or a legal guardian]


Step 1. You will need to download the SLACK APP either, via Apple Store or Google Play Store or click on the link https://www.opsphotography.com/forms to go right to either APP. Both APPS are located at the bottom of the “Forms page”

What is SLACK?

Slack is OPS Photography’s main communication platform for all Staff members and modeling team. This is where all forms of communications will be conducted which simplifies contacting individual team members and/or as a group. This eliminates calling, texting, emailing and which to use and when to use it. So, we use the SLACK APP. What is nice about Slack is it keep a running history (thread) of communications and if you ever need to go back to review it is there until you delete the conversation. You will receive an invite from OPS Photography to join Slack. After which, please make yourself familiar with the APP.


Step 2. TAVE is OPS Photography’s work portal where team members are assigned their own private and secure portal. This is where all your contracts will be placed for you to review and accept or deny the contract/s. Also, this is where all your payouts history will be listed. Your personal work portal should NOT be shared to anyone and should remain private. You will receive an invite via your email from OPS Photography to join TAVE.


Step 3. You will receive a contract for each shoot and will describe what type of photos to be conducted. Each contract will require 25 photos. Contract will list the following key information.

  1. Due Date/Time

  2. Type of shoot (Jersey, hoodie, athletic etc.…)

  3. The amount of which you will be paid for the contract.

  4. A checklist for additional items you may need with the bran you are modeling (example, sneakers, boots, hat, sunglasses)


Step 4. Portfolio Access

You will receive a link to your personal and secure portfolio where you will upload your photos for each contract. There will be a folder marked for each contract date and you open that folder and upload the photos. We will edit them and place the edits into the folder marked edited. There you will see your edited photos.

Step 5. MERCH (optional)

You will be assigned a MERC store where you will have items for sale for example, hoodies, stickers, and T shirts and more… You will receive 20% off sales from each item sold on your MERC store. This is optional and some models choose to participate and is completely up to you. However, it is fun and the great thing about a MERC store is you can raise money for yourself, charity, or sports team. Also, a great way for family members to buy during the Holidays.


You will have your own webpage on OPS Photography’s website which will have all your MERC, Magazines, and Prints for fans and customers to purchase your products. This is optional and you can just have you published in magazines without a personal page.


Modeling is always fun! You get to learn quality features about yourself and how to present yourself to others and much more. Remember SAFETY first during any photo-shoot.