Welcome to OPS Studios. We off a unique modeling program which benefits both the company and you. We offer modeling leveled programs to help build your career or hobby for extra income the RIGHT way. OPS Professional staff will help you grow a shape your strengths and skills. Your monthly fee is for access to paid contracts and is guarantied work. We tailor the contracts to your ability however, some contracts may not be as flexible. Each model has the right to reject contracts however, if there are limited contracts to match your skill level it may lead to no contracts for the month therefore, be careful passing-up contracts.


After, your application submission and you are accepted into our program we will start training you in front of the photographer and get you ready for your first contract. If, you have never modeled before then you want start at the Armature level. If, you have limited experience with modeling, we will start you at the Intermediate level.  We do not make available professional level contracts as they are assigned to specific models.  All applicants must have a portfolio created by OPS Photography prior to acceptance into our modeling program. Contact us to setup a date and time to review the details of your portfolio.  




2-3 contracts/month

Learn the basic skills of modeling. Your monthly membership will include contracts for OPS Photography's magazines. The basic modeling level does not pay and only allows for free apparel and items for which you model.

Monthly Membership





2-3 contracts/month

You are now at the Intermediate level of modeling. This entails you understand the basics and moving forward towards a more professional approach. Most stay at this level however, some move forward and attempt a career in professional modeling.

Monthly Membership





Paid travel - lodging - 3 meals/day

You are ready to market your skills to the world. This is a critical stage which, you are marketable and we submit your portfolio to agencies that seek professional models.

Monthly Membership



We offer remote work to allow those not close to our studio. Remote work requires you to have or access to a quality camera and the ability to follow instructions as written in contract. Remote work pays per contract rate and requires a submission date. Submissions after the date voids the contract and pay. You submit your work through OPS portal and we edit the photos. After final photo-edits you will have access to your photos to use for your portfolio. Contact us for details.



OPS offers a wide-range of modeling jobs to include, access to talent agencies to help build your career as a professional model. The first step you will need to endure, is to build your portfolio with diverse quality photos. We help build your portfolio with various photo-sets to broaden your skills and talents. We discover your strong-features and provide quality imagery to display your best accents you have to offer.  You are not alone, OPS Photography is here to travel the journey with you and provide you with the tools and assets needed to succeed. Our team is all about fun while working with the importance of SAFETY FIRST!


1. Ask questions - have questions available for the agent/photographer. A professional will make time to provide you with answers.

2. Should, you do not feel comfortable with an agent/photographer or a contract offer, walk-away!

3. Never feel pressured into a photo-shoot or contract signing. There will be other opportunities

4. Get to know your agent/photographer. This is most important, as to build a positive relationship and a productive future.

5. Understand what your assignment will be. Never accept terms without fully knowing the details of the job.

6. Be confident in your comfort levels as a model. At any time, you become uncomfortable inform the agent/photographer, we are not mind readers! A model must communicate effectively with their team to maximize positive results.

7. A professional photographer is there to help enhance your weaknesses and build-upon your strengths.

8. Keep in mind, that specific modeling jobs require specific models, therefore, you may be overlooked and that is OK! Be realistic and understanding of the business. Knowing the business is what makes you a professional model and part of a team.