welcome warriors & cadets


     Welcome to OPS Photography.com Military magazines. A U.S. Marine Veteran I feel it is important to share our experiences to make a difference especially in society today. We would like to invite you to share your photos and short story to our audience both, in the USA and worldwide which hopefully inspires and encourages others to better understand patriotism, personal sacrifice, the importance of passion for the greater good at all cost.

     We offer 2 military style magazine which depicts both, of Warriors in service and the making of Warriors for future service. The importance to have both magazines is for our audience to understand both, in service and cadet-life of their commitment to one day serve in the United States Armed Forces.

We encourage you to be part of our OPS community and share you experiences and short story with our audience.

Should, you feel you would like to submit your photos and short story feel free to complete the form below. After, review of your submission and after approval, we will contact you prior to publication for your review.

Semper Fidelis and Never Forgotten

What we look for in submissions

1. Positive experiences: training, personal interaction and leadership.

2. A personal message from you to your audience (applies at the end)

3. With service, there are always funny events which occur feel free to share the stories and photos.

4. Your experience in the 3 keys of training and performances; Learn, Inspire and Promote.

5. Refrain from political stance or affiliation in your submission. 

5. Have fun with your submission. We just ask for you to be respectful and positive in your message.

1. To submit your story complete the OPS Magazine Bio Information form below and click submit.

2. Click on the "Media Upload Page" button to submit your photos. 6 photos minimum / 20 photos maximum for submission. When uploading photos please, make sure to place your name in the message field to match Bio information form. To access OPS Media Upload Page use code: opsusa19