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To be featured in our magazines you will need to complete the OPS application. After-which, you will be notified to schedule a 1 hour in-person meeting to discuss details and review paperwork. If, under the age of 18 a parent/legal guardian will need to be present. Photo-shoots will be taken at practices and games to include a few non-athletic shoots to match your bio.  A short bio and a personal message from you to your audience will be added at the end of the magazine. There are no professional service fees. There is a nominal fee for the OPS Mobile Portfolio APP (required)

taking photos


Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

    A professional way to promote your skills and talents to the workforce, prospective colleges and/or to local communities and to readers worldwide. Create seasonal publications/series for your followers to be updated and keep your magazine as a collectibleGive your royalties from each sale to enhance your team finances, adventures or individual aspirations and/or donate to a specific or global cause/s.



   Each contract and photo-shoot are assigned an ID number. Clients may tailor their contract- photos to be used in a restrictive or global publication. More so, may request selected photos for public use, restrictive or marked private. We take serious our client's privacy therefore, we DO NOT share any information or photos without a client's permission in person.

mobile app

Smart Phone with Smiling Man

   Clients must purchase the Mobile portfolio APP.  A more secure and interactive method than email to view proofs, approve final prints with a touch of a button and/or to purchase prints and frames. Share selected photos/galleries with family, friends, prospective colleges, and more. At any time,

remove or create a limited view for certain people to access your photos/galleries.  

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