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Warrior Days


A Warrior's Soul

"It is not the burden of forgiveness that I seek more so, the challenges that await underneath and the actions I have taken are the burdens I must accept for those that call upon my name, United States Marine"

- J.Houldin (Phantom), USMC 1997


     Warrior Days is a memoir of my military experience in the United States Marine Corps. My experiences from the School of Infantry to the Fleet Marine Force, Lima Company 3/1. You will become familiar with the importance of Dedication, Loyalty, and Commitment that are instilled in every United States Marine. Also, learn the importance of continuous progression of Marine Corps training and leadership.


    Get ready to be astounded with vivid journeys of my several transformations of emotions, physical demands, and life-bonding commitments a Warrior will never waver. Understand the true meaning of self-sacrifice warriors render for the Greater Good, United States of America, and to those worldwide that call upon us, as we are, the hope to their prayers. 


     Warrior Days is dedicated to my fellow Marines of Lima Company 3/1 to include, Third Battalion (3117) Boot Camp brothers and to the bravest men and women, I had the privilege to encounter along my military Journey. More so, I would like to dedicate this book to my family, friends, and beloved family member Uncle Frank, United States Air Force, may you Rest In Peace. To my mother who passed prior to the publication of my book.


     There is no better friend and no worst enemy than a United States Marine. When you enter into their circle there is only un-wavering support, loyalty, and dedication to a life-long friendship to include countless journeys!


Semper Fidelis & Never Forgotten,

John M. Houldin

USMC, Veteran of Foreign Wars

A Warrior and The Life Thereafter 

"To the meek, I sheltered and to the enemies, I shadowed remain forged in my soul. The friends I made along my journey will be forever in my circle. I am the light to the shadows and I am the Archangel to the meek. Make no mistake, I will come for you like mother earth calls the plague and the Gods call upon the Archangels; a wave of death and destruction. I provide hope and prosperity to those who call my name, United States Marine.

A burden only a few good men can bare for the Greater Good. Call my name and I will come, I will conquer and I will rescue you from the evil souls of Hell"

- John Houldin, USMC 1995