Clifftop Capture


     I would like to welcome you to OPS Enjoy my prints, magazines, and apparel items that make for great gifts of any occasion and especially, last-minute gifts. 

     My interest in photography began when I was in high school as It was one of my elective classes and I must say, I fell in love with it. I started shooting in black and white and I learned how to develop, manipulate photos using light exposure and with objects to supper-impose on images. A couple of years after, I join the United States Marines, and I would use a disposable camera to shoot whatever I could when I could. Years passed and I found my disposable yellow cardboard box and I developed the film and found amazing moments of time I had forgotten about.

     Do not miss out on your memories as life is moving pretty quickly and make no mistake, there will be times when you wish you had photos to show your family, friends, grandchildren, or guests a part of your life's journey. We all have something interesting to share.



John M. Houldin

Photographer & Author


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